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The Best Personal Blender for Crushing Ice

How often have you turned to your blender for crushing ice on a hot day only to find out it wasn’t up to the task? Look no further! Nutri Ninja has become a leader in ice crushing technology. With strong blades equipped to crush ice finely, it has passed several tests, and consumer report have determined that it's worthy of its reputation as the best personal blender for crushing ice.

Whether you want to crush ice for a light beverage, smoothie, or to keep as emergency first aid, Nutri Ninja will prove itself every time. Although crushing ice is the most difficult task for most blenders, Nutri Ninja slices like a ninja and gets the job done.


Its features include a heavy-duty, powerful motor that will not burn out on you and provide the horsepower to reduce the ice to bits. Some blenders only have an ice crushing button option which may perform the action but leave the ice chunky and others to have special blades that need to be used for crushing ice. However, Nutri Ninja has 900 watts of power which will create properly crushed ice, especially with the blade design that is immune to the high-risk damage of breaking associated with ice.

The Nutri Ninja blender’s pitcher is also prepared for crushing ice, an added advantage that other companies do not include. Furthermore, Nutri Ninja has proven in 45 tests that its blades hold up to the deafening storm of ice being crushed, opposed to its competitor, whose ice crusher blade cracked and chipped after a few uses which only seems to be another reason to buy the best personal blender for crushing ice on the market.

Added Perks

The Nutri Ninja blender for crushing ice consists of a removable blade and dishwasher safe cup which takes the work out of cleaning with the machine attached. Moreover, Nutri Ninja blender is also a food chopper that can grind, chop, and blend. With the efficiency that it shows while crushing ice, you can be sure that it will be thorough with your vegetables and fruits.

Another understated advantage is the exhaust vent on the side of the machine; it prevents burnouts by releasing heat and allows the powerful motor to crush the ice without slowing down. Nutri Ninja has built an incredible four prong blade design that only enhances the high horsepower motor.

The aesthetics of owning a Nutri Ninja are priceless due to its sleek design and relatively smaller pitcher that can be changed to a suitable size for the amount of ice you want to crush. When compared to Nutribullet, Nutri Ninja’s blender can crush ice without having its blades fall apart and possibly enter your beverage which could be dangerous.

If there were not already enough reasons to fall in love with Nutri Ninja, you can buy the best personal blender for crushing ice for less than $100 and comes with a 1-year warranty. Its cups are BPA free and come in 18 oz. and 24 oz. sizes for convenience. The compact machine can fit anywhere in your kitchen without creating a hassle for space and crush your ice in a jiffy by simply pushing and twisting.

By buying Nutri Ninja’s best personal blender for crushing ice, you get speed, efficiency, safety, and results.

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Texas Superfood Review

Are you aware that our body needs some nutritional dietary requirements in order to keep our body healthy and in a good condition? Do you think that the kind of food that you eat is enough to provide the nutrients you need? How do you fill the nutritional gap that you cannot get every day from those instant types of food?

The famous adage says that "You are what you eat." However, are you confident enough to define yourself with the kind of food that you eat?

Many of us are probably not conscious enough on what kind of food products are we taking inside our body. We do not take too much effort in cooking the right and healthy types of food because we can just access it almost everywhere through instant food and from fast food chains.

However, with this kind of unhealthy lifestyle that most of us have, the texas powder can be a good alternative to fill in the nutritional gap and dietary requirements for our body.

Texas Superfood Nutritional Value Texas Superfood is a good food supplement that can give you enough energy to practice your daily duties at work, in school, or in your businesses. No matter how much you lack in the right healthy diet, this food supplement helps in providing the body the right nutrients and minerals to keep you going.

The formula of Texas Superfood is proud to give a new alternative for people who still want to be healthy despite the kind of food that they have to eat because of a lot of reasons such as being too preoccupied, being in a hurry at all times, and many more other possible reasons.

It is made up of 25 vegetables, 30 fruits, and 9 enzymes which are all made up from a hundred percent natural ingredients.

Texas Superfood is gluten free, GMO-free and contains probiotics, daily vitamins, and digestive enzymes as well which are known to be good and healthy for the body. The formulation of this super food is beneficial to get effective nourishment for our cellular level of body and organ functions.

Benefits The popularity of the Texas Superfood has made it a very reliable type of food supplement. Since it is powder based, it can be easily mixed with a liquid which makes it super easy to make and to take. Moreover, with the design of its packaging, you can easily bring it with you anywhere you go. Whether you are off to your business, to your office, or whether you are having a great time for rest and recreation, it would not take too much space inside your pack.

What is more beneficial about it is the fact that you can easily observe the results in just a small span of time. In a week's time, you can see how your body copes up with this food supplement.

Drawbacks This super food can never be perfect. There are still some drawbacks but it is not too much. First, its price can be a little too expensive. However, you will not regret the expense that you have made since the quality of the food supplement is really worthy of every penny.

On the other hand, there are also some instances that might cause some allergic reactions. This is because the organic nutrients of the food supplement also contain some natural grasses which may affect those people who have seasonal allergies.

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